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Wooden sign in front of trees that reads Scavenger Hunt This Way located near Olympus Fenwick



Want a fun way to see the local sights, spend time with friends, learn something new, and get in your daily steps? Try one of these local scavenger hunts.

Puzzling Adventures

This self-guided scavenger hunt also incorporates the element of an adventure race. You can complete this hunt by yourself, with a date, or with a team of family and friends. In fact, it’s encouraged that you get a large group together, break off into smaller teams and compete against one another to see who can finish the hunt in the least amount of time. Or you can go at a more leisurely pace if you happen to want to prolong a good date. There’s no reservation – you can embark on this scavenger hunt whenever you want to. All you need is a smartphone.

Operation City Quest

Two hours, two miles, and 140 objects to find. This scavenger hunt requires a reservation because it comes with a remote guide who will text you along the way, in real time. Each time you find an object, you’ll text a photo of it to your guide and will then be led to the next part of the journey. You’ll even get an opportunity to earn bonus points using prompts sent to you by your guide.

Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure

This one is for serious players. It lasts for about three hours and takes you all over the city. You’ll play on your smartphone using an app that will direct you through the course, giving you clues and challenges to solve, as well as sharing facts about the city. You’ll walk the riverside, visit a cemetery, and see many of Savannah’s most beloved landmarks.

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