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An assortment of vintage furniture and chandeliers stacked in a warehouse space.



Whether it’s due to ongoing supply chain issues, people binge-watching old episodes of Antiques Roadshow during the pandemic, or the surging interest in more sustainable lifestyles, vintage furnishings are in! Business is booming at resale and antique stores, and that old dresser that’s been sitting for years in your grandparents’ basement is now looking mighty appealing. Mixing older and unique pieces into your contemporary, mass-produced furnishings, makes your room or tablescape feel more curated and homey, and also makes a great conversation starter. Read on for some vintage furniture buying tips.

The Difference Between Vintage & Antique

These days, many people use the terms vintage and antique interchangeably. After all, don’t they both basically just mean…old? If you care about the difference, a good rule of thumb for furnishings is that anything more than 100 years old is antique, and anything 20 to 100 years old is vintage. Value isn’t only linked to the age of a piece. Condition, provenance (the piece’s history and previous owners), rarity, and desirability all play a big part. But unless you’re a knowledgeable collector, just buy things you like that are within your budget.

What Vintage Decor is Trending

Vintage glassware is super popular right now, from sets of fancy formal crystal from the 20s and 30s, to colored glassware from the 40s and 50s. If you can’t afford or don’t have the time to refinish or reupholster larger furniture pieces, vintage lamps or candlesticks are a great way to add charm and patina to any room. And when it comes to furniture, midcentury modern chairs, sofas, and tables are still white-hot, while wood pieces like cabinets and tables have also surged in popularity.

Vintage Furniture Hunting in Savannah

Luckily for you, Savannah is a great place to make incredible vintage or antique finds. Beyond area flea markets and direct sales on Facebook Marketplace and other local online sites, check out some of the city’s vintage and antique stores. Browsing the Historic District is a great place to start, with many antique stores concentrated near the squares along Bull Street, between Pay Street and Forsyth Park. Wright Square Vintage & Retro Mall (14 W. State St.) incorporates more than 30 dealers, Picker Joe’s Antique Mall & Vintage Market (217 E. 41st St.) in Thomas Square is another vintage hunting heaven, and the artfully named Cents and Sensibility (7360 Skidaway Rd., Suite E-4) has a wide variety of consignment furniture from all eras.

Maybe we’ll see you on a future episode of Antiques Roadshow with a $5 flea market find that turns out to be worth a fortune. Or maybe you’ll just be really happy with that funky end table you found and never know or care about the value. Either way – happy hunting! For more fun lifestyle tips, check out our other Olympus Fenwick blog posts.