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We’re living in wild times. For some people, changes brought on by social distancing and other COVID-related issues have made it necessary to work from home. Or maybe you were already working remotely. Either way, it can be challenging to remain productive when you’re within close proximity of cuddly pets, annoying people, or the complete G.I. Joe action figure set you “borrowed” from your cousin when you were feeding his cat while he was at a Sherlock Holmes convention in Dallas. We know, we have the same exact issues. That’s why we put together this helpful guide!

Find the Quietest Spot in Your House

If you’ve got a modestly sized apartment, this may not be so easy. But if you’ve got room to choose your spot, try to find something far away from noisy distractions, especially if there’s someone else in your home who might make those noises. Spots to avoid are near the kitchen, bathroom, or TV if someone is going to be watching it.

Keep Your Work Area Clean

Even if the rest of your house is a pigsty, keeping your work area clean will help you concentrate just on the work at hand. It’s science! Studies have shown that messiness causes stress.

Get Some Plants

As many as you want. One is a good place to start – especially if you’ve got a history of snuffing them out. Go for a hardy variety, like a cactus or cast iron plant. Plants have an innate ability to brighten rooms and calm rattled nerves.

Separate Work & Play

This doesn’t mean your work shouldn’t be enjoyable, it’s just important that there is a clear distinction between work time and playtime, and that when it’s time to stop working, all work gets put away. This is especially important if your dining room table has become your de facto home office. When it’s quitting time, shove, errr move, everything aside (in an organized fashion) and consider covering your laptop and extra screens with a sheet or pillowcase (somebody should really invent a solution for this, hint-hint). That way, you can pretend this spot is just for enjoying a delicious dinner and nonwork-related conversation with your loved one or your furry friend. Or your cousin’s G.I. Joe toys.

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