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Historic cemetery in Savannah



Savannah’s colorful history dates back to the early 1700s with a rather tumultuous past, giving it the reputation as one of the most haunted cities in America. From pirates and turf battles to yellow fever epidemics and voodoo, this city is teeming with unique history. Want the dirty details of it’s most spooky spots? It doesn’t need to be Halloween time in your favorite city to check out some epic creepy-cool cemetery tours.

1. Savannah Ghost Tours

This nighttime tour includes 90 minutes of walking through Savannah’s most haunted destinations, including it’s coveted cemeteries. Savannah Ghost Tours is open daily (except for December 25th) and is even pet-friendly! At just $20 per person, this spooky tour is easy on your wallet.

2. Beyond Good and Evil Tour

While this isn’t necessarily a cemetery-focused tour, you’ll most definitely see a couple throughout the night – and then some! Tickets are just under $35 and tours start at 10pm. This 90-minute guided adventure weaves you in and around Savannah’s most spooky stately homes, businesses, and cemeteries. You’ll be entertained by the unique blend of stories about the macabre, voodoo, ghosts, local folklore, and well-known legends. Not only is this tour pet-friendly, but you can bring your own booze too!

3. Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour

Want to take a tour of the city, but pass on the sore feet? Climb aboard the trolley of the doomed and check out this mostly-on-wheels tour throughout the city’s haunted destinations – including it’s infamous spooky cemeteries.

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