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So you’re ready to take the plunge and get a dog. While it’s tempting to choose a puppy – they are so cute, after all – don’t overlook the benefits of adopting an older dog. Here are four reasons why an adult dog might be your best bet.

So Many Older Pets Are Searching for Forever Homes

The luster of a puppy is undeniable. They’re frickin’ adorable. And there’s something special about raising a puppy from a few weeks old into adulthood. But consider the plight of adult dogs in shelters before pulling the trigger on a pup. Many are overlooked as owners instead opt for puppies. Adopting an older dog means you’re potentially saving a life

Less Training

One major bonus of getting a dog who’s past its puppy stage is that it’s likely to already have some training under its belt! Many adult dogs in shelters know at least basic commands and are housetrained. Yes, you might also inherit some bad habits you and the dog will have to work through, but not having to potty train from scratch is huge. No cleaning up messes all the time? Sign us up.

Less Energy

Puppy energy can be overwhelming. We’ve all spent some time around those super rambunctious little furballs. They get into everything. They jump on everything. They chew on everything. Skip that crazy phase altogether with an adult dog!

Vet Bill Benefits

Owning a puppy is expensive. The cost of veterinary care for that first year is often more than $1,000. By contrast, adopting an adult dog means putting a lot of that cost in the rearview. And if you adopt a shelter dog, that often means you’re getting a dog that’s already spayed or neutered and all caught up on its shots. 

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