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All of us need a weekend getaway from time to time. Whether you want to fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean or just get a little change of scenery, there are countless reasons to go exploring along the southeast coast. With that in mind, here are our three favorite vacation rentals within a day's drive of Olympus Carrington

Dolphy Dunes West in Fort Morgan, Alabama

Situated right next to the Florida border, Fort Morgan is a charming seaside town that offers a lot more than just its gorgeous beaches. At the tip of the isthmus, you’ll find Fort Morgan itself. This national landmark has played an important role in American history, and it's now open to visitors. Often sought out as a wedding venue, it’s a delight for history buffs and explorers alike. Our favorite rental in the area has to be Dolphy Dunes West for its charming architecture. 

Drive Time From Pooler: 8 Hours

CREEKSIDE LIVIN in Tybee Island, Georgia

If you haven't had the chance to spend a few nights on Tybee Island yet, we highly recommend it. This small island is separated from mainland Georgia by a series of rivers and is best known for its wide, sandy beaches. Tybee Island also has an iconic lighthouse and plenty of places to do some fun shopping. Might we recommend CREEKSIDE LIVIN as a rental option? True to its name, it's perfectly located right on Horsepen Creek.

Drive Time From Pooler: 45 Minutes

Castle in the Sand in Destin, Florida

Destin is located right on Florida's panhandle and is host to some gorgeous destination beaches. Bring your golf clubs because Destin also has some impressive courses that are worth checking out. At night, Destin Harbor Boardwalk comes alive with tourists and locals alike. Destin has plenty to offer for outdoor adventures, too. Paddleboarding in Choctawhatchee Bay makes for a pleasant day, and rentals are easy to find. You can also book a fishing charter and try to snag your dinner, or choose from one of Destin's many fabulous seafood restaurants. Castle in the Sand is an excellent vacation rental. It looks like a Baltimore townhouse plopped directly on the beach. 

Drive Time From Pooler: 6 Hours

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