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A woman standing by a brown and white horse and affectionately resting her hand on him. | Horseback Riding In Pooler

Enjoy a Fun Afternoon Horseback Riding in Pooler

Horses, and horseback riding, are good for people both physically and mentally. Horses help to relax people and bring a sense of peace, fostering mental well-being. Along similar lines, horses get people outside and exercising, which is of course, good for their physical well-being as well. These excellent equestrian facilities, in and around Pooler, offer ample opportunity for people to learn to ride, communicate with, and enjoy horses every day. Even better, each of these facilities is close to our luxury Pooler apartments at Olympus Carrington.

Red Gate Farms

Red Gate Farms is dedicated to providing an equestrian experience that helps connect horses and humans in a positive and joyful manner. Since 1931, Red Gate Farms has been family owned and operated and has offered visitors a chance to connect with horses as they explore and enjoy the charming and historic ambiance of this beautiful landmark.

M& R Ranch

M&R Ranch is devoted to teaching its students not just how to ride, but how to communicate with and care for, horses. This lovely facility offers training and boarding, as well as lessons, parties, and camps. The instructors at M&R Ranch are knowledgeable and kind. The school horses for lessons are well-trained, patient, and perfect for various levels of riders and riding lessons.

FCS Equestrian Center

FCS Equestrian Center is focused on providing its students with an advocate that encourages their dreams. FCS Equestrian Center aims to provide people with the opportunity to turn their passion for horses into knowledge and skill in both riding and horsemanship. Their experienced instructors and horses can help you along your equestrian journey and help you to grow physically and mentally.

Horseback riding in Pooler, and horses in general, are good for the physical and mental well-being of people everywhere. Horses create a sense of peace and calmness while helping to build muscles and cardio at the same time. These fantastic equestrian facilities, in and around Pooler, offer the opportunity to learn to ride, communicate with, and enjoy horses both on the ground and on horseback. Moreover, each of these facilities is in proximity to our luxury Pooler apartments. Now it's easy to take a riding lesson and enjoy some time with horses, pick up something delicious for dinner, and still be home in plenty of time to rest and relax. For more information contact us today.


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