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Woman on yoga mat in grass practicing yoga near Olympus Carrington



What’s the best way to amp up your yoga practice? Simply by practicing outdoors, which has multiple benefits, including heightening your awareness and increasing energy.

Here are some great locations in Pooler in which to unroll your mat and get into your asanas.

Tom Triplett Park

With its abundance of flat grassy areas shaded by nearby trees, this is a perfect location for your outdoor practice. This park also features a freshwater lake stocked with fish – a soothing place to wrap things up with a little meditation.

Pooler Memorial Park

Though it is situated between heavily-trafficked roads, the water feature and vast stretches of green grass buffer visitors from the busy world around them. Consider visiting on an overcast day, however, as there is not much shade in this location.

Joe Baker Park

This is a rather small park, but it features a canopy of beautiful trees that will keep you cool and sheltered as you perform your sun salutations. There are no dogs allowed at this park, so you can be assured that it’s safe to roll out your yoga mat just about anywhere.

Savannah Yoga

This nearby yoga center offers occasional open-air yoga classes in ideal, scenic, perfectly-shaded locations. Just be sure to get on their mailing list or check their website to keep up with their latest outdoor yoga meetups.

Go Virtual

If the weather is inclement or you simply can’t venture far from home, you can still enjoy an outdoor practice – virtually outdoors at Olympus Carrington. And you won’t lose out on the benefits of being in nature. So head out to our picnic areas or a grassy spot in one of courtyard areas and get into your flow. Check out Boho Beautiful Yoga on YouTube from some stunning natural scenery and challenging flow practices.

Now roll up your mat and get outside! For more fun lifestyle inspiration, make your way over to our blog page!


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