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Cross section of log with bullseye painted on it and axe buried in its center.



Finally, axe throwing isn’t just for backwoods benders and beating up trees. Axe-throwing spots continue to pop up around the country, but Pooler’s own Bear Axe Throwing has been splitting boards for around three years now. And there’s no sign they’ll be retiring their tree beaters anytime soon.

Unlike many axe throwing venues, Bear Axe invites you to bring your own food and beverages – as long as they’re accompanied by a good attitude and close-toed shoes. Every guest at Bear Axe Throwing gets a quick safety lesson and a few tips on hitting the target, but it still doesn’t hurt to come prepared. Check out our tips on properly throwing an axe, and show your gang why you’re still the leader.

1. Safety First

The very first thing you should do when it’s your turn to throw is make sure you have plenty of room and no one else will get hurt. You should easily be able to see if anyone is in front of you, but also make sure there’s a 6-foot person-free radius all around you – so 3 feet on all sides from the center point of your body. This will help prevent you from hitting someone when you wind up for your throw.

2. The Stance

Axes can be thrown with two hands or with one. The two-handed method is best for beginners, so we’re only going to cover that stance and technique. Start by positioning your body behind the line, directly in front of the target. Place your feet side by side, about 6 inches apart. Adjust as needed so that you feel stable and comfortable.

3. The Grip

Grab the axe with both hands, like you would a golf club, dominant hand on top and with both thumbs lined up on the backside of the handle. This will help you keep the axe straight when going into your throw. But hold it loosely and toward the bottom – you want it to easily leave your hands at the correct moment.

4. The Windup

Hold the axe up directly in front of you, with the length of its handle parallel to the target and its blade aimed at the bullseye. Draw your arms overhead and backward, bending them at the elbow so that the axe is just behind your head – as they would be if you were throwing a soccer ball.

5. The Release

Take a deep breath, hold it, and exhale. Now swing your arms and the axe forward, at a consistent speed through the whole motion, with the blade straight the whole way. Release when your arms are parallel to the ground and the blade is at about eye level. And don’t flick your wrists.

Bullseye! The crowd goes wild. “Samantha! Samantha! Samantha!” Who is this Samantha, you wonder? Why aren’t they saying your name? They will! Just keep practicing your axe throwing.

For more tips on being the best, check the Olympus Carrington blog.


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