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Audiobooks are a great way to consume a story. There are eternal debates if listening counts as reading, but studies show comprehension levels are the same. However, getting used to the audio format can be difficult. The team at Olympus Carrington is here to help, with a few tips to ease you into audio listening and help you knock out your to-be-read pile this year. 

Not All Audiobooks Are Created Equal

Not everyone’s voice was made for narration. Some audiobooks are a snooze to listen to. Try one that is a full-cast production, it will be easier to pay attention and get into the book. Nonfiction books that the author narrates are also a great way to enjoy a book. When you’re looking through an audiobook selection, you can scroll down to see who the narrator(s) is/are to know if it is multiple voice actors or the author themself. A few will advertise that they are an entire cast, and some even have added music and sound effects that make the experience more immersive. 

Increase Your Speed

Another way to get into audiobooks is to speed up the pace. The narrators speak at a rate slower than average conversational speed. Your brain moves faster than your mouth, and it can comprehend quicker than most people talk. Avid listeners speed up audiobooks to 2x speed. Try starting at 1.25x and slowly increase it to 1.5x speed. When you have a good grip on the characters, it’s easier to begin to listen to faster speeds. The quicker speed leaves less downtime for your mind to wander, plus you can go through books faster! 

Multitask to Victory

Audiobooks are great because they allow you to multitask. The more mundane the task, the better! Have a sink full of dishes to clean? Put on a book and let your imagination travel while you clean up. You can also listen while you work on a jigsaw puzzle, workout, knit, or drive. The flexibility and mobility of having an audio experience available on your phone means you can fit reading time in whenever and wherever. 

Where to Find Great Audiobooks

The truth is, audiobooks are expensive, which scares off a lot of people. Especially if it turns out the narrator is ruining the experience for you. Don’t fret! Check out this list of the best audiobook apps to see what fits your lifestyle and your wallet. Out of the list, one of note is the Libby app, which works with most local libraries and allows you to check out audiobooks just like you would a regular book. Whip out that library card and get listening!

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