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Man holding video game controller, zombies surrounding him



It’s finally the best time of year! The time when we celebrate all things ghoulish and ghastly! If you’re looking for an immersive experience, games offer a place to explore nightmarish fantasies like no other. Check out these three must-play games this Halloween season.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

The Luigi’s Mansion series was practically made for the Halloween season! Indeed, Luigi’s Mansion 3 was released on Nintendo Switch October 31, 2019. The game tasks players with taking the role of Luigi, who, along with his pet ghost dog Polterpup, must explore a haunted hotel to free his brother Mario, Princess Peach, and a trio of Toads who have been mysteriously imprisoned in portraits. Filled with many spooks, scares, and secrets, the game offers plenty to explore and interact with. Luigi’s Mansion 3 has a co-op play option, so you can tag-team nearly the entire story mode with a friend, and the game’s multiplayer mode allows for as many as eight players to play together locally and online.


If you’re looking for something more terrifying than spooky, look no further than FromSoftware’s Lovecraftian action-roleplaying game Bloodborne. Set in a gothic, Victorian-era-like city, this PS4 exclusive pulls influences from classic and cosmic horror and delivers more than a few surprises. If you’re not familiar with Soulsborne games, prepare yourself; these titles are relentlessly challenging and rather unforgiving, and Bloodborne is one of the toughest. But that’s part of the charm if you’re up for it!


Prefer tabletop games? From its Edward Gorey-inspired artwork to its morbid comedy, Gloom is a cartoonishly macabre card game that’ll delight players with a wicked sense of humor. The game’s premise is simple: Each player takes control of an eccentric family, and does their best to lower the family’s self worth and kill them off! The rules are pretty straightforward. The real fun is centered around creating your own story based on the game’s absurd events – so just be sure you play with a group of creative weirdos on board with constructing kooky tales.

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