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A group of smiling girlfriends enjoying cotton candy, corn dogs and hot dogs at their local county fair.



The 2021 Brunswick Fair is in town, and 2021 marks its 70th year! From Tuesday through Saturday (Nov. 9-13), you can chow down on some seriously fried fair foods, hop on a few rides, and play carnival games to your heart’s desire. Here’s why you can’t miss it this year.

The Food

Fair food is so much more than fried butter and funnel cakes. You’ve got tornado fries, turkey legs, brats, coated candy apples, and anything else on the indulgent spectrum that you could think of. So grab a stack of napkins, dig into that turkey leg, pair it with a cold beer or lemonade, and be on your way to fair food heaven.

The Rides

Unleash your inner kid at the 2021 Brunswick Fair with a variety of carnival rides. From a ferris wheel and swings to slides and vertical force rides, this is one part of the fair you definitely won’t want to miss. But maybe hit the rides before the aforementioned fair food feast!

Demolition Derby

While the demolition derby isn’t exactly part of the fair, it’s happening at the fairgrounds on Nov. 13 at 2 PM. As soon as the fair shuts down at 1 PM, make your way over to the derby to watch cars smath, crash, and flip over each other while the crowd cheers it all on.

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