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Man riding a go cart down a gravel hill.

Resolve to Learn One of These Extreme Sports in the New Year


New year, new you. Show everyone how much you’ve grown as a person over the last year by mastering one of these awesome extreme sports!


Imagine a giant washing machine that spins in every direction, with you at its center. That’s kind of like zorbing! It was invented in New Zealand, where they have a zorbing park, called ZORB. You climb into a rubber ball filled with a foot of water and go splashing down specially made tracks. Other versions of this activity are offered in countries all over the world. See if you can do them all!


You know, extreme pogoing. It’s actually been around a few years, but if you haven’t heard of it, that’s cool – it’s pretty niche. YouTube is full of videos featuring quick cuts and slo-mo shots of smartly dressed young men bouncing around national parks and city streets, set against inspirational pop tunes. But, tbh, they still look pretty ridiculous. This is your chance to make extreme pogo sticking actually look cool!

Mountain Carting

Like an extreme soap box derby, this downhill sport involves sitting in a free-rolling cart, pointing yourself down a slope, and letting gravity do its thing. They do have brakes, so that’s something! When the snow’s all gone, Cardrona Alpine Resort in New Zealand invites visitors to ride the chairlift up and ride these back down. Or grab a dozen of your best friends and head to Skyline Rotorua for real-life Mario Kart! Those Kiwis have all the fun.

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