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How to Win at Trivia: 3 Tips & Tricks You Should Know


When it comes to team trivia the questions may be difficult but the key to success is quite simple. Follow these three rules to lead your team to victory.

Know Your Squad

There’s no room in this game for sentiment. If you want to win at team trivia you can’t just randomly pick your BFFs, especially if you have a lot in common. The more you have in common with the people on your squad, the less varied your knowledge. We’re not saying pick your mortal enemy or anything, these differences can be subtle. For example, a friend who was born and raised in a foreign country will have grown up under a completely different educational system, thus their foundational knowledge will be different. Age can also play a factor. If your team consists of people roughly the same age your basic pop culture knowledge won’t differ much. So vary it up. Have at least one person in their 20’s and one person in their mid 40’s. And Finally, get a know-it-all. We all have that friend who’s a wealth of random knowledge. Put it to use.

Know Your Trivia Host

Regularly scheduled team trivia tends to have the same host. And if it’s someone you know, even better! Remember, you’re not being asked random questions. You’re being asked questions from a human being with their own busy life, and as such, They aren’t going to spend hours coming up with questions for trivia, so keep it simple. Does the host watch certain TV programs like ESPN or The Tonight Show? If so, take a few minutes out of your day and watch some YouTube clips. 

Know What’s Up

99 times out of 100 your trivia host is going to ask at least one set of questions inspired by the current zeitgeist. So before heading into battle, do a trip around the internet and see what’s top news. Is a major sporting event coming up? Who’s playing? A new blockbuster movie coming out? Who’s in it? If there’s a major holiday coming up, take a few minutes and refresh yourself on random holiday knowledge like why Santa Claus wears red (fun fact: Santa wears red because of a 1910 Coca-Cola campaign. Before that he wore green).

And that’s it! Follow these simple team trivia rules and play your way to victory. You can even try out your new found skill at The Enclave’s Knock Trivia competition on Jan. 29 at 2 PM. Contact the front desk for more information and good luck! For more life hikes check out our other blog posts.


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