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Homeless person seeking help from those nearby



Giving back to those less fortunate means more to them than it does to us, for obvious reasons. But there’s more to it than we often think about. Whether you’re just driving by someone camped out on the street or you notice a line of folks waiting to get into a shelter – for us, it’s a passing thought, but for those directly affected, this is their livelihood, their safety, their security. And many people are just a few months or even weeks away from being in a very similar situation, should those unfortunate circumstances happen.

Whether you’re donating food, time, or other resources, here is how giving back helps others.

Provides Basic Needs

As humans, we have five basic needs: clean air, uncontaminated drinking water, sustenance, shelter, and sleep. People without housing typically find ways to get access to sleeping areas, but food, shelter, and clean drinking water are often hard to come by. Providing individuals with a nourishing meal is one of the simplest and most profound ways to help someone feel seen, heard, and cared for. While we can’t often give them a home, a car, money, a job, or life essentials, we can very easily give those less fortunate food to eat.

The Enclave is pulling together resources this season to assist America's Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia in fighting against local hunger for the month of November.

Makes Someone Feel Cared For

Whether you’re donating your time through volunteer work, contributing funds, or offering food and supplies, giving back to those who need it most has a massive impact on their lives. For them, one extra meal makes a difference. One opportunity for a night of shelter helps get them out of dangerous cold weather. Homeless individuals are often ignored, dismissed, or judged. Stepping in and helping to make a difference in their lives can be as simple as one meal or one smile – it helps them feel seen and cared for.

For more ideas on how you can make a difference in the lives of those in our community, visit our blog page today.


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