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Man wearing ugly Christmas sweater taking a selfie with his dog



Surprise your family during the holiday group zoom call or take some epic selfies and post to social media with these hilariously-awesome DIY ugly sweater ideas. Keep reading to get inspired!

What you’ll need:

  • Thrifted/repurposed sweater (check out Hello Goodbuy)
  • Fabric glue (Michaels or Hobby Lobby)
  • Garland, small holiday decor, mini ornaments, candy canes, or battery-operated light string (Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Target)

Festive Garland Sweater

Head over to your local dollar store and pick up a pack of tinsel garland. Glue it onto any knitted sweater or even a cotton sweatshirt and call it ugly! For an even more unsightly DIY sweater, be sure to glue on some mini ornaments, candy canes, or festive decor.

Candy Cane Sweater

This is quite literally one of the easiest ugly sweater ideas out there. You’ll need a box of mini candy canes, fabric glue, and a red sweater or hoodie. Use the glue to stick on the candy canes in a whirlwind fashion, let it dry, and call it good – it’s practically the quickest DIY ever!

Light Up Sweater

For this awesome idea, you’ll take a set of battery-operated string lights (can be found at Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, or a major home improvement store) and glue it in a fun pattern onto the sweater. When you’re ready to wear it, the battery pack can slide into a pocket – just turn it on when you're ready to light up the room! You’ll get extra-ugly points if it blinks or flashes.

Mirror Sweater

Ah, a classic: the tried and true ugly reflection mirror sweater. Take any old knitted top, glue a small mirror to it, and you have yourself a playful, ugly sweater idea with a hint of tomfoolery. Glue on some festive garland or add some of those battery-operated string lights and you’ll be ready to rock the look.

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