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Our homes are where we spend a majority of our time – especially with recent worldly events – so why not make your place as cozy, clean, and comfortable as it can be? Here are four easy swaps to help detox your home.

1. Cleaning & Beauty Products

The first spot you want to start for cleaner living is under your kitchen or bathroom sink. Toss out those chemical-laden cleaning and beauty products. With potentially a whopping 4,000-plus chemicals in each “fragrance” ingredient listed on your product’s label, that should be your go-to swap when it comes to detoxing your home. Say goodbye to those hazardous chemicals, like bleach, ammonia, and phthalates, when you switch to much healthier, yet still effective, cleaning products.

2. Fabrics

The linens and soft materials in our home are where all of the comfort lies. Picture resting your head after a long day on a soft pillow coated in…formaldehyde? No thank you! Swap out synthetic materials for organic cotton and other natural fabrics. Your skin, lungs, bloodstream, and immune system will thank you for it.

3. Artificial Air Fresheners

Along the same lines as ditching those chemical, fragrance-full cleaning and beauty products, it’s time to toss those stinky, synthetic air fresheners – this includes phony oil diffusers, candles, oil warmers, air freshener spray cans, and wall plug-ins. Although having your home smell like Madagascar vanilla is pretty dreamy, you can almost guarantee there is not one single bit of natural vanilla in that scented candle. Stick to essential oil diffusers, or more naturally-crafted candles with real, pronounceable scents on the ingredients list. Plus, there are plenty of natural air freshener options to choose from, like eucalyptus and lavender sprays or even the Grow Fragrance collection of natural, plant-based air fresheners.

4. Shoes Inside

Whether you were stepping across a grassy area for Fido’s lunchtime relief break, jaunting through the downtown streets of Brunswick, or picking up groceries on your way home, your shoes are now coated in bacteria, chemicals, and potentially harmful substances. So when you step inside your front door, kick off your shoes, and settle into a clean and cozy space.

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