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Rolled towels next to a soap dispenser and a small succulent on a white countertop.



If there’s one place in the home that tends to be neglected, it’s the bathroom. These small spaces are built for functionality, not visual aesthetics or luxurious pampering. But that doesn’t mean you can’t amp up the sophistication and create a spa-like retreat right in your own home.

Here are a few tips on how to get started.

Bring in Art & Decorative Accents

The average bathroom features bare walls – who, after all, thinks to put photos or art in a bathroom? But think about your bathroom space as an extension of the rest of your home. That means it, too, deserves some extra attention in the form of art, photos, and decorative accents. Hang a few prints or photos on the walls. Add a few pretty touches like baskets, beautiful jars, or classy knick-knacks on shelves or the countertop to tie everything together.

Invest in Good Towels

This is one of the best ways you can give your bathroom that ultimate spa feeling – splurge on extra-large, super-plush towels. They are worth every penny, being as you use them every day and they are always hanging in the bathroom, which means the prettier they are, the prettier your bathroom will be. Go for a classic white, or try a bold, dark color if you want something outside the box. And don’t forget to purchase a matching robe.

Add Natural Elements

Spas typically bring elements of nature into their design scheme. You can achieve this by adding a potted plant or two into your bathroom. If there isn’t enough sunlight to nourish a live plant, try a faux flower arrangement, or perhaps a vase of dried flowers or grass. If you’re more partial to the beach vibe, try decorating with seashells.

Upgrade Your Dispensers

This is a simple, but effective change you can make that will pack an immediate punch. Trade-in your old soap dishes and dispensers. Go for glass, marble, or metal and look for sophisticated details like gold accents.

Add a Rug

This is another often overlooked, but uber simple way to glam up your bathroom. Try a rug with pretty patterns and bold colors that’s absorbent and non-slip.

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