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A woman enjoys her time at home, decorating and organizing picture frames and vases on the shelf by the window.



While your apartment at The Enclave is quite roomy, finding extra space is always a good idea! We’ve got some easy, inexpensive tips to help you make your living room feel a little roomier.

Use Mirrors to Create the Illusion of More Space

Hanging several mirrors around a room not only makes a room feel larger, thanks to its reflection, but it also creates more light in a room, which also contributes to the illusion of more space. Many designers say there’s no point in using mirrors if you don’t “go big.” But if your budget or design preferences won’t allow for that, simply create an arrangement of smaller mirrors on a wall where they will catch the light from the windows for a similar effect.

Look for Minimalist Furniture

Big, overstuffed, bulky furniture is one of the first things that will visually “eat up” space. Instead, try a minimalist approach with furniture. Ditch the skirted sofas and opt for something with visible, elegant feet. And look for chairs with open backs, which give the illusion of more open space.

Go for a Monochrome, Bright Design

Using a monochromatic color palette can trick the eye into seeing more space than there is. Go with a brighter shade (darker colors can make spaces feel tighter and smaller) and keep most items in the room within a few shades of each other. This works especially well with neutrals like browns and grays – and if you go with neutrals, you can play with a few items in a fun, popping accent color. Try using shades of light gray for your main palette and use deep blue for an accent color, or perhaps a warm brown monochrome palette with an emerald green accent.

Ditch the Clutter

When you have negative space and minimal clutter, it creates the illusion of a bigger room. Clear out everything that doesn’t need to be in your living room. Get rid of items you can do without, and move other things to different rooms. Perhaps keep books in the bedroom, for instance, and if you rely on streaming services for entertainment, consider seriously culling your DVD collection – it’s 2022, afterall. Keep decor to a minimum and use hidden storage options whenever possible to create more pockets of negative space.

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