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Person with a cat in a transparent backpack carrier on the beach.



Is your adventurous kitty itching to see the outside world? Make it happen with a cat backpack. Here are four great carriers to consider.

Henkelion Cat Carrier Backpack

Part backpack. Part space capsule. Entirely awesome. This futuristic carrier offers your kitty a window to the outside world. It features pockets for storage and treats, a soft fleece bottom for your cat’s comfort, and ample air holes. Oh, and it comes in four colors.

PETKIT Breezy Carrier

OK, so apparently, all cat carriers look like space capsules, especially this sleek PETKIT product. This one has all sorts of bells and whistles – a smart ventilation system for fresh air, a built-in fan to keep your cat cool, and even an internal lamp. It comes in both green and white.

Fat Cat Backpack Carrier

Is your cat a little chunky? Well, the Fat Cat Backpack Carrier should do the trick. It’s a little bulky – no surprise there – but it’s equipped with everything your cat needs to stay comfy. It’s sturdily built, well-ventilated, and outfitted with a bubble window. It holds cats up to 25 pounds and comes in three colors – black, pink, and gold.

Jespet Deluxe Backpack

This budget-friendly pack is built for comfort. It features a soft and comfortable sherpa lining, ample mesh for maximum breathability, and heavily cushioned back and shoulder straps for the humans. If you’re looking for a more traditional-looking carrier (i.e. no space bubble) that doesn’t skimp on style, this is the one for you.

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