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Resident painting a chair in her new home at The Enclave in Brunswick, Georgia



There’s nothing like finding that perfect piece at a thrift store. Maybe it's a vintage armchair, a statement ottoman, or a hutch with a lot of potential. Whatever it may be, adding a little of your own personal flair or giving the item a little extra love with some DIY magic always takes it to the next level. Try these four furniture hacks the next time you discover a thrifted hidden gem.

1) Stained & Stylish

You just scored a gorgeous solid-wood nightstand at Roses, but the yellow oak isn’t doing your find justice. Sometimes something as easy as a new coat of stain can give your thrifted item the second life it deserves. There are two types of stain to choose from, oil based and water based – we suggest going with an oil base. While a water base dries faster and is easier to clean up, an oil-based stain maintains a more even stain and is super durable, which means less touch-ups in the future!

2) A Little Goes a Long Way

Picked up a dresser, chest, or other furniture item with drawers? A really simple way to make an outdated piece trendy again is to switch out the hardware. Whether you choose eclectic, colorful accessories or a sleek, modern style, this little change makes a world of difference.

3) Unexpected Transformations

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when DIY-ing your thrift-store gem! An easy transformation we love is by Lindsay with the My Creative Days blog. She took a tired, old dresser and turned it into farmhouse-chic storage shelving. Just remove the drawers, give it a fresh coat of paint and slide a few baskets into each of the shelves! How can you put a creative spin on your thrifted furniture?

Interested in more DIY tips, house hacks, and local suggestions? Our blog is full of great tips and tricks!


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