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Chicken and yellow rice dinner from a restaurant near Odyssey Lake in Brunswick, Georgia



Living in Brunswick apartments isn't just about a place to sleep - it's about loving the community around you. The Odyssey Lake Apartments offer style, comfort, and luxury, just minutes from the water. We love our coastal town and the fun it provides - but what about the food? Sure, we've got the delicious southern biscuits and gravy nearby. We've got all the exquisite seafood you could want. But what else? What about when you want to try something brand new? You could head to Island Jerk and check out the Caribbean dishes. You could go to Basil Thai and Sushi and get a delicious Pad Thai and a side of Sushi Rolls. But nothing quite beats the drum of "fusion cuisine" of one little spot tucked away on Reynolds Street.


Mixing Mexican, American and Caribbean, Indigo Coastal Shanty is sure to cause a taste bud explosion. Just 15 minutes from you new stylish home at the Odyssey Lake Apartments, Indigo is worth every minute you spend traveling. Serving fusion burgers, nachos, and a whole host of options with Jerk Chicken, you're bound to find something you've had - cooked in a way you've never had it before!

The decor instantly takes you to the Caribbean, with palms abound and "shanty" style wood planks. While Indigo may feel like you're even further south than you ever expected, the food is quite a mix - actually blending spices and ingredients from their key cuisines, not just serving dishes from multiple cultures. You can start with plantain chips and Guacamole, then try a plate of "Jerk Chicken Tostadas" - but still finish with a pound cake for dessert. Wash it all down with a curated selection of wine and beer. Within one meal, you've crossed three borders - and next time you can come back and do it all over again, with a whole new set of dishes. Check out the lunch menu for a series of fusion salads as well.

Daily special information can be found on the restaurant's Facebook. You can also contact the restaurant if you want to book it for a private function. Gift certificates are available as well. With a 5.0 rating on TripAdvisor and a 4.7 rating on Google (as of December 2019), Indigo Coastal Shanty is sure to be a home run for the whole family. Just minutes from your home, you'll be able to devour the whole delicious menu.

Style. Comfort. Luxury. The Odyssey Lake Apartments are a beacon of all three. When you're looking for a Brunswick apartment, you're looking for the best in American Coastal living - and you've found it. Grab some fusion cuisine, pick out your favorite streaming service, and relax in your gorgeous brand new apartment home. Don't hesitate - contact us today and relax in style tonight!