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Person standing in a kitchen and sprinkling salt over a pan on a stove full of food.



It’s difficult to think about spending energy to cook up culinary delights after a busy day, especially healthy ones. Being able to throw all the ingredients into one pan, one cookie sheet, or one pot can make a weeknight meal seem a lot less daunting. The team at Odyssey Lake has found a few recipe ideas for healthy meals that are less stress and create less dishes. 

On the Stove

Delicious and fast, fajitas make for a fabulously quick meal and also are amazing as leftovers. Just add your veggies and meat to one skillet and spice to your taste. Wrap it all in a tortilla, and dinner is done. Feel free to mix up your protein with turkey, steak, or shrimp. Check out this recipe from Delish for tips and hints on how to perfect your midweek Mexican feast. 

In the Oven

Pull out a cookie sheet or your favorite roasting pan and get ready for the easiest meal you’ll cook all week. Toss a veggie medley in olive oil and seasonings and set them on one side of the pan. Place your seasoned/prepared meat on the other side and bake it all together for about half an hour. If your vegetable of choice is a little chunkier or needs a bit more time, you can start them first and add the meat after about 10 minutes. This recipe from Taste of Home outlines a great vegetarian meal, as well as the option to add a lean meat.  

One Big Pot

A one-pot meal is a unique way to reuse any leftover food from the week. You can make your own soup, stew, or chili by adding whatever ingredients you find in your fridge. A little broth and seasoning will give new life to what was about to be wasted food. Here’s a recipe for beef stew you can reference, but feel free to sub out for what you have on hand. The purpose is to make an easy meal without having to go to the grocery store again. 

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