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Young man in black shorts and blue long-sleeve shirt holding a plank pose on a sandy beach



Beautiful days and warm temperatures are coming to Brunswick, and with the beaches just minutes away from Odyssey Lake, there’s no reason to suffer dull workouts indoors. Whether you hit up East Beach on St. Simons Island or Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, you can get a great workout and enjoy the sunshine with these four challenging routines.


The Ultimate Sand Beach Workout From Shape


Think there’s no way a sandy beach workout will deliver the same benefits as your standard gym routines? This beach workout from Shape says otherwise, building around the idea that exercising on sand can actually be an advantage. Soft sand means less stress on your joints at the point of impact, and it also means less energy return than you’d get on a hard surface – so you’re doing extra work with every move. Build cardio endurance with running intervals, strengthen the legs and core, and soak up the sunshine, too.

The Bodyweight Beach Workout from Muscle & Fitness

With their challenging Bodyweight Beach Workout, Muscle & Fitness illustrates how closed-chain exercise (where our body pushes against a non-moving surface) can do just as well for the body as the traditional weight training we’re used to doing. If research shows you can get great results at the beach – who are we to disagree? Head outside, and get after it with these tough circuit-style exercises. The plan includes three different workouts, accounting for a rest day in between each, so you can enjoy a full week of beach fitness fun.

Beach Body 40-Minute Fat-Burning HIIT Workout from BeFiT

If video and audio cues help you kick it into gear, check out this beach workout from BeFiT, streaming for free on YouTube. Expect a good balance of cardio, core, and strength moves, and an accessible difficulty level, all of which account for its nearly 3.7 million views. A tip here: Remember your wireless headphones, so you can keep your audio consistent even when you’re not able to see the moves demonstrated on your screen.

Head to Toe Meltdown From Nike Training Club

Free to download and access, with an impressive amount of content, the Nike Training Club app features a wide selection of no-equipment workouts that would translate well to the beach. Start with the Head to Toe Meltdown, a full-body screamer. You can download the full workout to get audio cues, including verbal notes on how to perform each move and timed transition markers, or you can just scroll to see the move progression and video clip previews. A thorough warm-up leads into explosive plyometric moves and killer isometric holds. You’ll have some sweat (and sand) to rinse off after this one, so plan on a relaxing swim afterward!

Looking for more ways to stay healthy and active around Brunswick? Make sure to check out the Odyssey Lake blog for clean-eating recipes, whole-body health tips, and more.