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Bartender adding ice to glass at Richland Rum near Odyssey Lake in Brunswick, Georgia



Did you know that Richland Rum is the only single estate rum distillery in the United States? This means their entire rum-making process occurs on the same estate without the influence of outside ingredients. If you're looking to sample this authentic, local libation, stop by their distillery!


Richland Rum's facility in Brunswick is not as large as the one in Richland but is still an exciting part of the downtown scene. Owners Erik and Karin Vonk decided to expand to the coastal area and chose to open their second distillery in a historic building at 1406 Newcastle Street. The 6,400 square foot space was redesigned to resemble the old canal houses in Amsterdam where rum was traded back in the 1800's. The exposed brick, heavy oak, steel beams and stained concrete floors give the place an authentic vibe.


The Vonks grow their own Georgia Red sugar cane on their farm eight miles outside of Richland. Every year before the first frost workers harvest the fresh cane by hand. The company's distiller, Roger Zimmerman, carefully boils the juice pressed from the sugar cane in cast iron kettles similar to those used long ago. The resulting syrup is fermented with a yeast Vonk spent years developing to perfection. The distilled product is transferred into charred white oak barrels where it is left to age for forty months.


Richland Rum welcomes visitors for tours all year long. The tours guide you through every detail of the rum-making process from the syrup making to the bottling. Those of legal drinking age can try the rum first hand in the tasting room and purchase a bottle to take home right there at the distillery. Richland Rum offers a virtual tour for those interested in the process but unable to get there right away. It's a Brunswick gem not to be missed.

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