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A young woman sitting on a deck holds a pot with a flower in it, while surrounded by a variety of other potted plants and flowers.



Our favorite time of year in Brunswick, Georgia, is here – spring! Warmer days, bright colors, and lots of pots in need of fresh plants. Check out these great local nurseries and give your apartment at Odyssey Lake a fresh pop of green to celebrate the season.

1) Dave's Landscaping & Nursery

New to the whole green thumb thing? Dave’s Landscaping & Nursery is a fantastic hidden treasure. This shop is very much a “mom and pop shop” but the owners really know their stuff. They’re super helpful and extremely knowledgeable, so feel free to ask all the gardening 101 questions you want, whether you’re putting together a container garden or just looking for a low-maintenance indoor plant!

2) Greenhouse Blooms

If you want to have your plants and eat them too, go to Greenhouse Blooms. They have everything you need for a delicious container garden full of blueberries, strawberries, herbs, and whatever else your stomach desires. Their staff is more than happy to offer tips for growing a small garden out on your private patio or balcony at Odyssey Lake.

3) Mystical Gardens

Okay, so maybe the whole plant your own garden and nurture it daily deal isn’t really your thing. You can still get all the spring vibes with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Mystical Gardens is an amazing flower shop with a beautiful selection. Choose from a premade bouquet or customize one with all your favorite flowers.

It’s time to start growing! Let our team at Odyssey Lake know where your favorite nursery is and swing by or take a look at our other blog posts for more suggestions on local hotspots and activities.