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Brightly colored candies stored in clear glass jars on a shelf.



Whether it’s a gift for your significant other on their special day, a sweet finish to a savory dinner, or a late-night overindulgence, dessert is there for you when you need it most. Odyssey Lake apartment homes is here to show you where you can taste test your way through the best candy shops in and around the Brunswick area.

St. Simons Sweets

Located in the village on St. Simons Island, this adorable little candy shop has it all. From decorated rice crispies, dipped pretzel rods, and decadent cookies to ice cream cones and gooey nut clusters, this shop is the place to be for candy lovers. The candy apples are a must-try and you can’t leave without taking home some of their classic pralines. Make the 20-minute drive over to St. Simons Island or order online and meet them to pick up at Walgreens at the end of the Causeway in Brunswick.

Island Sweets Shoppe

All about chocolate candy? At this Jekyll Island treat shop you’ll find insanely delicious fudge, truffles, peanut butter cups, pecan logs, and so much more to satisfy any sweet tooth. The next time you’re heading down to Jekyll Island, you have to stop for the chocolatey goodness at Island Sweets Shoppe.

Sugar Marsh Cottage Specialty Confections

This is no ordinary sweets shop. Here, you’ll find artisan chocolates, perfectly crunchy toffee treats, and fluffy and light shortbread coquilles. From coconut sugar rum tea cakes to chocolate peanut butter sauce, Sugar Marsh Cottage is the best spot around for artisan sweets. 

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