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Resident enjoying some wine while painting in her home at Odyssey Lake in Brunswick, Georgia



Impress your friends and family with an affordable and fun Wine & Paint night in the comfort of your own home! These tips and tricks will help you throw a great event without having to go out.


With the right supplies, even the most novice artist can paint something beautiful. Grab these online or at your local craft store and you’re all set:

  • Acrylic paint set to share: acrylics blend easier than many other paints and a multipack can supply many people while leaving room for creativity and color mixing.
  • Canvas panels: you can pick your ideal size and often purchase in bulk packs.
  • Paintbrushes: supplying each person with a set of brushes with multiple sizes will allow them to create using fine detailed strokes or cover large areas of bright color.
  • Paint pallets: these handy tools are great for both separating and mixing colors.
  • Cups: for rinsing brushes and serving wine.
  • Disposable table cloth or newspaper: to protect your table from any wine spills or paint smudges.
  • Wine: Pick your favorite and stock up, or better yet, have everyone bring a bottle (or two) to share!

How To

You’ve got all of the supplies you need, but no experience. So now what? Simply pull up a painting for beginners video on YouTube. Make sure to select your video before you buy all of your supplies to make sure you have all needed colors on hand. Stream it to your television so everyone can see it clearly. Lots of laughter and side chatter are inevitable at such a fun event, so be prepared to pause the video often for wine refills and conversation breaks.

When you’re all done painting, put on your favorite playlist, admire each other’s masterpieces, and cheers to great times! For more fun at-home hosted ideas, check out our blog page.