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Resident couple positioning a couch in their new home at Odyssey Lake in Brunswick, Georgia

Feng Shui: 5 Tips to Enlightening Your Personal Space


The discipline known as feng shui originated in ancient China as a way to harmonize people and their surroundings by removing obstructions and opening up the flow of an invisible type of energy known as chi. True believers say it has the power to improve harmony in your home, elevate your well-being, and even increase your material wealth! Whether or not you subscribe to all that, we think you’ll agree a feng shui’d home is certainly attractive and inviting. Check out the following tips to get your own feng shui underway.

Make Space

The foundation for feng shui is about creating space, quite literally. Start in your home, and find a physical spot – this could be a drawer, closet, your refrigerator – and let go of items that are no longer needed. The idea is when you let something go, you are creating space for a fresh new opportunity.

Declutter Regularly

The less clutter you have in your home the less stress you will carry. Master organizers often declutter a little bit each week.

Everything Has a Home

Oftentimes the most organized people have a home for everything, with everything labeled and then stored properly. This can ebb and flow, so don’t worry when things get out of sorts. Just reorganize when you notice it’s needed.

Space Clearing

Not to be confused with making space, space clearing is another feng shui practice that allows the energetic space in your home to be cleared, or blessed. Bring out the palo santo and smudge your home as you visualize bright light filling your home’s spaces. Speaking of light…

Maximize Light

Open blinds whenever possible, invest in new floor or sun lamps, and purchase lighter colored rugs and other textiles that bring the coolness of white to your interiors. Light is key for positive feng shui vibes.

We hope this guide helps you incorporate the calming effects of feng shui into your Odyssey Lake home. For more tips on enhancing your living space, visit the Odyssey Lake blog.