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A corgi walking on the beach



Mark your calendars, corgi connoisseurs. Southeast Corgi Beach Weekend is almost here! Whether you’re a corgi owner or just a corgi fan, this Oct. 2 event at East Beach on St. Simons Island is where it’s at. All sorts of fun is on the agenda – corgi races, a costume contest, photo opportunities (so many photo opportunities). To prepare you for this special day, here are five fun facts about our favorite squatty but adorable pups.

Queen’s Preferred Pup, You Say?

That’s right. Queen Elizabeth II – England’s longest-reigning monarch at nearly 70 years – has owned more than 30 corgis during her lifetime. The Queen’s corgis even had their very own “corgi room” at Buckingham Palace.

There Are 2 Types of Corgis

The Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi are the two primary corgi breeds. In terms of physical traits, there are only subtle differences between the two. Pembrokes will have their tails docked close to the body, while Cardigans have a long, bushy tail. Cardigans also show off larger, more rounded ears and are generally a little heavier.

They Are Said to Have Been Friends to Fairies & Elves

Legend has it that corgis were “used by fairies and elves to pull their coaches or to serve as the steeds for their warriors,” or so says We have no idea if this is actually true, but we sure hope it is!

What Does the Word Corgi Mean?

This might be the least surprising fact of all, but corgi, a word with Welsh roots, means dwarf dog. Cor means “dwarf” and gi translates to “dog.”

Ours Isn’t the Only Corgi Beach Day

Corgi Beach Day isn’t just a thing here in Southeast Georgia. It’s a big deal everywhere. It all started in 2012 with a gathering of 15 corgi devotees at the original Corgi Beach Day in Orange County, California. Since that special day, corgi beach events have exploded into something much bigger. Today, you’ll find similar celebrations everywhere, including on St. Simons Island. The OG Corgi Beach Day in Orange County, put on by the awesomely named organization So Cal Corgi Nation, is still going strong after all these years. It routinely draws more than 1,000 corgis and 10,000 humans. This year’s event is Oct. 30.

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