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Woman playing a ukulele.



The idea of learning an instrument sounds fun, but in reality they can be difficult and expensive. The Odyssey Lake team came up with a few unique instruments to learn that don’t require a major time or monetary commitment. 


If you have aspirations of playing the guitar, just settle for a ukulele. There are fewer strings so learning chords and tuning it is a lot more simple. Plus, a ukulele is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. Just do everyone a favor and don’t learn to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 


The most important instrument to learn for any Zelda fan is the ocarina. You might be surprised to learn the ocarina is a real musical instrument. It does not help you teleport back to the village or travel through time, but it is a pretty neat wind instrument. Also, you can purchase them in some straight gorgeous shapes and colors. Whether you’re a Zelda fan or not, ocarinas are cheap and have fewer holes than a recorder. Literal children can play the recorder. The real question is if Pocahontas’ Colors of the Wind hits as hard on the ocarina


The kalimba is a thumb piano. Most common kalimbas come with 17 keys although there are smaller ones that come with only eight and fit on a necklace. The best part about learning to play a kalimba is that it’s essentially a fidget spinner. It gives your hands something to do. The fact that it could also generate awesome tunes is just a bonus. Kalimbas run cheap and tuning is quick. 

Grab your new instrument and learn a few songs to show off your skills to your friends. They’ll probably think you’re an elf. Or at the very least a legendary hero. 

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