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Sure, Amazon is a convenient, one-stop shopping experience. But it’s also nice to support other stores, and to find a variety of items, deals, and options that might not be accessible via Amazon.

Here are a few sites to check out.

Public Goods

This shop has one mission: to provide everyday essentials to customers in a sustainable and ethical manner. Their product line includes skin care, groceries, pet food, wine, and household cleaning products – all of which are ethically sourced and eco-friendly. Their paper products are not made from trees. Their bottles are made from sugarcane. And they don’t sell single-use plastics or products that contain questionable ingredients. On top of all that, their minimalist branding is ultra chic and will look great in any home. Their business model is based on a membership platform, which helps them keep costs low while making sure everyone is fairly paid along the way.

Cost Plus World Market

Surprised to see this one on the list? This company prioritizes fair-trade products, which means you can shop there and know you’re supporting ethical business practices. They carry a wide variety of items including clothing, jewelry, home goods, furniture, dishware, and food. You can shop online and have your items delivered, head over to the Clearwater location and browse for yourself, or take advantage of their curbside pickup. Just be sure to check out their gourmet chocolate section – you can thank us later.


You could call this “the Amazon for pet care” thanks to their extensive selection of pet food, toys, supplies, medicine, and more, featuring well-known brands like Kong, Tidy Cats, Rachael Ray Nutrish, Purina, and more. They literally have everything you could possibly need for your pet, and they regularly treat customers to great deals like free shipping and subscription services to keep you effortlessly well stocked.

Uncommon Goods

As the name implies, you won’t find anything typical here – and if you’re looking for gifts, this is the place to go. They keep their inventory cruelty-free, use eco-friendly supplies, are committed to fair pay for employees, and donate a portion of every purchase to their nonprofit partners. You’ll find adorable and unusual birdhouses, personalized astrological charts, conversation cards, woven baskets, and much more. And better yet, they also feature experiential gifts like kits and online courses.

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