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Goat lying down on a yoga mat with a person in leggings sitting next to it.



Goat yoga sounds like a joke, right? But this new trend is popular for non-ironic reasons, as well. Yes, goats are cute, and who wouldn’t want to hang out with them? But also, here are a few reasons goat yoga is beneficial to your overall health. 

One With Nature

A particular portion of people who enjoy yoga do so for the spiritual benefits of the exercise, which is why we are starting with one of the benefits a few have discussed when it comes to blending yoga with goat cuddles. From a spiritual perspective, it connects you to nature. It’s grounding, which can make you feel more connected to others and the world. It’s hard not to feel close to the earth when you have a bleating creature pooping and peeing on you – which is a thing, we checked the FAQ

Therapy Animals

Studies show that interacting with friendly animals lowers blood pressure. It also reduces feelings of loneliness and depression. You can’t be sad when there’s a herd of kids trying to make downward dog into downward goat. And yes, apparently, some of the little goatlings will try to imitate the pose. The reason goats are used is because baby kids are known for their friendliness and curiosity. This is why they try to cuddle you, climb on you, or poop on your mat mid-pose. 

Vitamin D

If you’re going to a goat yoga class, chances are it is outdoors. Most classes take place at a farm or barn where the goats call home. You’ll get some extra vitamin D, which helps fight depression and low energy levels, as well as fresh air at a goat yoga class. It’s important to find out where the course is taking place. You might need to bring a light jacket or sunscreen, depending on the weather. 

Also, the Yoga Part

According to a recent Forbes article, the primary physical perks of yoga include cardiovascular benefits, strength, flexibility, back pain relief, and burning a few calories. If you’re not a yogi, don’t stress. Most goat yoga classes are for beginners, because the main focus is hanging out with goats. 

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