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Hands organizing and neatly putting toiletries in polypropylene boxes.



Whether you’re an out-and-abouter, prefer spending your days at home, or are somewhere in between, these organizational systems just make sense. Keep reading to see how you can seriously streamline your space.

1. Front Entry Drop Station

Your home’s front entryway is the perfect place to set up a drop station, and an open wall space is a great spot for this. Depending on your interior decor style, try something like this minimal console table, this mid-century, industrial-inspired table, or this pretty floating shelf. And if you’re the type to kick off your shoes as you walk in the door, this storage cabinet is a solid option. Add hooks for your keys, coats, or bags. Make a spot to collect mail and if there’s an outlet nearby, you could even create an awesome charging station.

2. Command Center

While most calendars, reminders, and bills have gone virtual, a command center is still a great way to keep yourself organized. Try hanging up a clear acrylic weekly or monthly calendar for a sleek, organized look. Add a wall-mounted cubby below it, stock up with a few basic supplies, and let this be your go-to spot when it comes to upcoming events, invitations, and reminders. 

3. Pet Storage

Similar to the entryway drop station, all you need for a convenient pet storage space is a small, blank section of a wall. Hang up a cute floating storage shelf with hooks for the perfect place to store pet-related items. In the drawers, keep a stash of treats, waste bags, and bathing and grooming products. On the hooks, hang up any leashes, collars, or harnesses. And right under it on the floor is an ideal spot for a dog toy bin.

4. Donation Drop Station

Tired of that growing pile of donation items sitting in the corner of your room or closet? Use a sturdy and aesthetically appealing fabric bin or put a plastic box under your bed to hold “donate me” items. And while you’re at it, go ahead and label it!

5. Important Document Filing System

A simple accordion folder or pretty filing cabinet are ideal for storing your important documents. Label each tab to coordinate with each category, like medical, insurance, pet records, birth certificates, and identification documents. Instead of letting a stack of mail sit around on your kitchen counter for days – or weeks – on end, file away what you need to keep and recycle the rest.

6. Overnight Guest Station

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or not, sometimes friends or family end up crashing overnight at your place. Help them feel as comfortable as possible and be prepared for a last-minute guest with an overnight station. Use a few storage bins to set aside an extra set of clean sheets, a bath and hand towel, and a few mini bath products, like a brand new toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, lotion, and deodorant.

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