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Three women riding in a pedal boat with backs to the camera.



Chances are you’ve already got an awesome collection of blow-up floats and other beach toys, a standup paddleboard or two, and a portable cabana to keep cool. But what about your own personal watercraft?

For a fraction of the cost of a Jet Ski or Sea-Doo, you could have a cool little boat big enough for you and your closest pal or two – and maybe even your four-legged friend. Check out our guide to nail down the perfect personal pedal-powered getaround to make your days at the water just a little more epic.

Pelican Voyage Deluxe Pedal Boat

Solidly built and packed with bells and whistles, this pedal-powered workhorse does it all. Heads up though – the description says it has five seats, but we only count four. (Who wants that fifth wheel along, anyway? You know he’s just going to spill your beer and then fall in the water and have to be saved.)

The Voyage’s front seats feature adjustable backrests, two fishing pole holders, and a sun-defeating adjustable canopy. Plus, this sexy ship even has a built-in cooler, as well as four centrally located cupholders. What more could you ask for?

Sun Dolphin Laguna Pedal Boat

A definite step up from the Voyage in terms of comfort and style, this five-seater places the extra guest at the exact center, straddling the steering console. There’s even an extra pedal on each side so all three front-seat riders can work together toward the greater good.

However, in place of the Voyage’s handy fishing pole holders, the Laguna features a rear swimming deck that makes it easy for water-lovers of all ages to take a dip, then scramble back aboard. Two removable kickboards are included, as well, as are a retractable cabana and an umbrella mount. No cooler on this one, but there’s a space to put your own. Plus, the handy cupholders are conveniently located throughout the cozy cabin.

Nauticraft Corporation Escapade, Sprite & Encore

The Lamborghini of the pedal boat world in performance – as well as price – the Nauticraft lineup of small watercraft feature more streamlined hulls, with a single pedaler and driver on the Escapade model. Meanwhile, the Sprite and Encore P models offer shared pedaling duties.

The seats are padded and recumbent, molded-in swim platforms come standard, and bimini tops are an optional add-on. For the price of an inexpensive Sea-Doo, you don’t get cupholders or a built-in cooler. But it’s all about image with this craft. Think of how impressed your friends and beach neighbors will be when they see you flying by in this pedal-powered race boat.

Perception Kayaks Crank 10.0

If you really want to look cool, this is the pedal boat for you. Available in a variety of tie-dye-style colors, the Crank is a kayak with a comfortable, body-cradling center seat, a couple (somewhat secure) nooks to stash your stuff, a spot to store one emergency oar, a single cupholder – and really no room for anything else. Well, except a couple pedals. When explaining to friends and family what you just spent all that money on, try saying the name slowly in a loud, urgent whisper: “Perception.” Trust us, they will leave you alone.

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