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Pantry photo for blog post at Olympus Harbour Island in Tampa, Florida

4 Pantry Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Space


The key to maximizing space in a pantry is to keep it organized. But when it comes to getting that pantry organized, it can feel overwhelming with so many tips and solutions out there. Maximize your pantry space with these four easy storage hacks.

Declutter the Canned Goods

First things first. Let’s be real, do you really need eight cans of beans? Or how about those canned mandarins that you’ve had well past their expiration date? Take a good look at your current stock, and throw out or donate anything that you do not need.

Invest in Storage Solutions

There are so many storage solutions on the market to help you get your pantry in order. A few of our favorite include:

  • Shelf Insert — shelf inserts allow you to use all of the vertical space available in a cabinet. Have a tall cabinet but don’t have a need for it’s superior height? Add an insert, where you can use the space just below it, and on top.
  • Clear Bins — this amazing set of clear bins allows you to keep like items together, and see all that you have.
  • Food Storage Containers — things can get cluttered when you have half-empty cardboard boxes of food. These containers allow you to store your food, and you’ll know just how much you have left before you need to restock.

Spice It Up

Spices can get messy. Not only do you accumulate spices of every brand, but it’s easy to lose one in the back, and buy yourself another. Put all of your spices in similar jars with labels, and store them on risers in the cabinet.

Group Similar Items Together

The best way to maximize space is to actually group your pantry items with similar items. Create a baking zone, dried goods zone, snack zone, and canned goods zone. Not only does this help you when seeking something out in the pantry, it helps keep tabs on what you need to stock up on the next time you shop.

So maybe these aren’t life-changing, never-been-heard-before hacks, but they sure will get you on track to maximizing your pantry space. And we all know as we approach fall, that’s when the baking happens and you’ll appreciate it most.