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There’s certainly no shortage of national chain stores in Tampa. Whether we’re talking groceries, pet stores, clothing boutiques, or bike shops, you can’t throw a rock without it bouncing off one of these behemoths. But if you have an interest in buying local, there are still plenty of locally owned, independent shops that employ local people and pour the majority of their profits back into our community. And that’s important! It helps sustain other businesses that also hire locally, creating local jobs and reducing the jobs that are outsourced to other countries. It also cuts down on pollution caused by large companies sourcing and sending goods around the country. Here are a few of our favorite indie shops for you to check out around Tampa.

Health Mutt

Health Mutt is a neighborhood pet store with a focus on natural pet nutrition and preventative care. Every member of their team is trained on providing expert advice to help you make the healthiest choices for your four-legged friend. They also offer a self-service dog wash and an award-winning grooming service. Bring your pup in to get gussied up, and at the end, you’ll receive a report card detailing all your little buddy’s misdeeds!

Black Radish

Tampa’s premier (and possibly only) all-vegan grocery store, Black Radish does more than just deliver on your craving for healthier ready-to-eat foods and ingredients. They also offer hot grab-and-go items like a “steak and egg” bagel and a Breakrito, their take on the breakfast burrito.

City Bike Tampa

There are a lot of great reasons to support your local bike shop, in addition to the ones we mentioned above. Bicycling is an excellent low-impact fitness activity, it’s environmentally friendly, and it’s a great way to enjoy the best parts of our city. City Bike Tampa sells steel bikes and their parts, takes care of all repairs, and also offers rentals – a great way to try out your new steel steed before you commit to taking it home.

Soleciety is a sneaker boutique that offers new and used shoes as well as consigned collector kicks. This cool local stop is the place to grab the latest skater wear, decks, and collectibles. It’s also the place to feed your obsession with Nike Air Jordans; they have a huge collection, including rare pairs that sell for several thousand dollars. Definitely worth a visit just to take a look at these beauties!

FairyTail Pet Care

Always dreamed of having your pup in your wedding? FairyTail Pet Care takes care of all the doggy details, so you can focus on the other planning you’ll need to do and the fun you want to have in the moment. Their handlers will make sure your buddy is in the right place at the right time and that he’s happy and well cared for the rest of the time. They’ll arrange your pet’s transportation, and they even have a video option, so you can watch a film of your special day from your furry friend’s perspective.

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