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A market showcasing many appetizing produce options.

Taste Some Delicious Food at These Specialty Asian Markets in Tampa

Restaurants aren't the only place you can experience the flavors of Asia, there are plenty of Asian supermarkets near our apartments in Tampa that offer authentic ingredients. Here are a few to check out!

Oceanic Supermarket

The Oceanic Supermarket is one of the most popular Asian markets in Tampa. They have a wide variety of products, ranging from canned boba tea to fine China dinnerware. Not only that, but this supermarket has a few KitKat flavors you won't find anywhere else. Don't be afraid to try something new!

MD Market

MD Market is another popular Asian market in Tampa. No matter what your preferences are, they're sure to have something that suits your tastes. A couple of popular items they offer are milk tea cakes and the coveted Ramune soda.

Kim Brother's Market

Not only does Kim Brother's Market offer a wide range of Asian groceries, but they also have an in-store restaurant. You can stop for a bite to eat while you shop, or you can simply come to enjoy freshly made Asian cuisine. Be sure to grab some tapioca pearls for your boba tea, or take some spicy seaweed as a snack!

While you're out shopping, stop by one of these Mexican grocery stores for even more authentic ingredients.

Want to live near some of these great supermarkets? Then contact us at the Canopy at Citrus Park. Ask about our amenities, floor plans, and schedule a tour of your new home! We'd be happy to have you as part of our lovely community.