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A woman is practicing kickboxing classes in Tampa with her male coach

Reach Your Goals with these Kickboxing Classes in Tampa

Get In Shape with these Kickboxing Classes in Tampa 

Kickboxing is a great way to get in shape and have a good time doing it. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete, you may find that the kickboxing classes in the area around Canopy at Citrus Park get you kicking like never before. Here is a list of the studios near our apartments in Tampa:

Tampa Sports Academy

Kickboxing and high-intensity exercise are combined in Tampa Sports Academy's adult sessions. They combine kickboxing and high-intensity exercise to teach martial arts fundamentals. You'll receive a full-body workout that's enjoyable and demanding for people of all fitness levels, channeling the energy of professional kickboxing.

Title Boxing Club

At Title Boxing Club, high-intensity interval training is paired with kickboxing classes for adults to teach you the basics of martial arts. By harnessing the intensity of professional kickboxing, you will obtain a full-body exercise that is fun and challenging for individuals of all fitness levels.

Every lesson at this studio will be different thanks to the positive and energizing atmosphere.

Freestyle Muay Thai

Group and individual sessions are available for people of all ages at Freestyle Muay Thai in Tampa (FMT). You'll be given a plan for group training that accounts for the most effective times to attend Tampa's top-rated technical, sparring, and cardio kickboxing courses.

Training for Muay Thai may be done for various reasons, including health and wellness, self-defense, and competitive amateur and professional bouts. Anyone may join in the fun. If you're a member, you may choose which courses to take to meet your specific needs.

Improve stamina and strength, sculpt your physique, and master new moves with kickboxing. After a strenuous workout, reward yourself with a trip to one of these Mexican groceries, where you'll find various delicacies for a tasty meal.

Are you interested in relocating to a neighborhood with easy access to your preferred kickboxing facilities? Contact us at the Canopy in Citrus Park. Feel free to inquire about our services, floor plans, and tours. We hope you'll consider making our neighborhood your new home.


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