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Canopy at Citrus Park is giving the people what they want, and what the people want is Free Beer Friday. Sound too good to be true? Nay – it’s too good not to be true! Read on for all the delicious, foamy details.

Someone Said Free Beer?

What if we told you there’s a way to get free beer, and you don’t even have to sacrifice your dental plan like Homer Simpson? Some might say we’re crazy, but we think it’s just one more way to show our awesome residents how much we appreciate them. Get ready for a free dose of a beverage so special that it has inspired countless t-shirt designs, bumper stickers, and country songs.

Are You Saying What I Think You’re Saying?

Whatever name you call it by – cerveza, birra, øl – it’s delightful, refreshing, and perfected in a frosted mug. Not to toot beer’s horn too loudly, but it was invented by the Mesopotamians, who sang hymns to beer and made it a staple of their diet, in a little place we call the Fertile Crescent, a cradle of civilization. I mean, toot toot!

When? Where? How Could This Be?

We’re not yanking your chain, pulling a fast one on ya, or doing anything else expressed in a weird idiom. We’re just bringing the beer! Stop by the front office on Friday, March 26, from 4 PM to 6 PM to join the fun at Free Beer Friday.

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