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Woman with her hands over her heart in a symbol of gratitude



Showing gratitude is one of the most profound ways to lighten your mental state. Some studies show that feelings of gratitude and being thankful to those around you can actually make you happier, improve relationships, and help you think more positively. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to show gratitude.

How it Affects Our Brain

Have you ever heard of the quote from Esther Jno-Charles “what you focus on expands”? Well, it’s true! The human brain looks for patterns and energies that match our thoughts. We have a thought, the thought expands, and then our brain looks for ways to reaffirm the thought. Our feelings of gratitude and thankfulness help us to think positively. And when we share that with others, they’ll feel the effects of our positive thoughts too. In short, our brains talk to each other through the energy from our words – it’s pretty amazing!

How it Affects Our Relationships

Outwardly expressing gratitude to someone helps bring people together. In that moment, another person has the opportunity to feel appreciated, respected, cherished, or any other feelings that come up when you share your gratitude with them – which in turn, makes you feel good. Whether you’re sending someone a “thinking of you” card or simply just sending a “thank you for being such a great friend/parent/partner” text message, you’re opening up positive dialogue and sending others happy energy. Not only does this help boost your mood, but it can help to lift theirs too. And, it fosters a healthy connection between you and the other person.

So get out there and get grateful! For more healthy lifestyle inspiration, head over to read our other blog posts today.


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