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A stylish white subway tile backsplash with kitchen utensils in a ceramic jar on a granite countertop.



Facts are facts: Your Canopy at Citrus Park apartment has a killer kitchen! Granite countertops, a prepping island, modern cabinetry, and stainless-steel appliances all make for a stunning interior aesthetic. Effortlessly blend its form and function together with this ultimate guide to creating your very own chef’s kitchen!

1. Clutter-Free Countertops

A chef’s kitchen is all business! This means no unopened mail laying around, no car keys – absolutely no clutter. Countertops should look clean and ready for meal-related prepping and cooking only. Ask any professional chef and they’ll tell you that one of the secrets to a well-prepared meal is a clutter-free, clean cooking space.

2. High-Tech Small Appliances

From fancy toaster ovens with internal-sensor technology to high-powered blenders and cordless kettles, nothing says, “chef’s kitchen,” quite like having all the gizmos and gadgets.

3. Pretty & Functional Cookware

When it comes to a delicious, well-crafted meal, cookware is everything. Pass on using those nonstick-coated, cheap pots and pans and upgrade to a beautiful, stainless-steel cookware set. So worth it!

4. Modern Cutlery, Utensils & Dishware

It’s time to say goodbye to disheveled drawers and cabinets. No chef’s kitchen has coffee mugs from a 2008 Hawaiin vacation or chipped, mismatched plates. Take the time to toss, donate, or sell old cutlery, utensils, and dishware to make room for new and improved kitchenware. Check your local houseware stores or shop online at places like West Elm, Crate&Barrel, or Williams Sonoma for the best of the best.

5. A Cookbook Holder

Nothing’s worse than slopping sauce all over your favorite recipe book. Whether you’re all about a paperback cookbook or prefer referring to digital recipes on a tablet when whipping up masterful meals, this book/tablet holder is a must-have in your chef’s kitchen.

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