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Woman running with her golden retriever in a park nearby Canopy at Citrus Park



Running is a favorite way to stay in shape and one of the best ways to give your dog a wonderful workout right alongside you. However, dealing with the leash situation can be a pain. Here are some of the best leashes for runners and their four-legged running buddies.

Iron Doggy Running Leash

The name says it all, doesn’t it? This leash can withstand 215 pounds of breaking force – your pup will be secure by your side. It’s great for dogs of all sizes, is made with a bungee design, and is regularly named the best running leash by multiple publications and gift guides. If you want the best quality out there, this is the leash for you.

Sparkly Pets Leash

This affordable option is made to direct tension from the plastic clip to the two stainless-steel clips at the sides of the belt, preventing breakaway issues. It’s both hands-free and hands-on, with a rubber handle that can help you maneuver your pet through potentially dangerous situations like a crowded road or busy crosswalk. It also comes in a convenient pouch and features a variety of color accents to suit your and your pup’s personalities.

Tuff Mutt Running Leash

With a 48-inch lead, this leash will keep your dog close but far enough away for a comfortable run. It’s weather-resistant, comes in lots of vibrant colors, and the handle allows for safe maneuverability through rough terrain.

COPACHI Running Leash

You’ll get extra storage with this leash. It comes with a waterproof waist pouch, which is perfect for keys or a cellphone. It comes with handles and an attachment that allows your dog to run from side to side with ease and minimal impact to the wearer.

Riddick’s Hands-Free Leash

Do you have more than one dog? Then this is the leash for you. You can attach two dogs to the adjustable belt, and it comes with additional accessories like a pouch for holding dog waste bags, your cellphone, keys, dog treats, or other items. You can also attach an 8- or 16-ounce water bottle to the belt.

Ready to hit the trails? You and your pup will have everything you need with one of these leashes.

For more information on helpful products for runners with dogs, check out Women’s Running. For more life hacks and ideas for fun things to do in and around Tampa, Florida, visit the Canopy at Citrus Park blog.


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