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Here’s the situation: you’re working from home, you’ve tried the standup desk, you’ve tried the medicine ball, you’ve tried it all — and your back is still killing you. It’s time to create an at-home workout series using only your bodyweight, a little bit of time, and the motivation to kick those back pains to the curb. Your core stabilizes your body, and allows your body to function properly. Read on for five core workouts that will save your back while you work from home.


A strong core is a strong core. The push-up works your abs, arms, core, and shoulders all at once. Start in a high plank with your hands shoulder-width apart, palms flat on the floor. Bend your elbows and lower your body to the floor. Continue for one minute. Lengthen your time each day by just a little.

Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch creates enormous work for the abs and core. By moving the upper body and lower body simultaneously, the strength lies in the midsection. While lying on your back, bring the opposite elbow and knee together while still maintaining a flat back on the floor. Continue alternating sides for one minute.

Dolphin Plank

This is a great exercise to warm up the core and shoulders. Start in a forearm plank position, tailbone tucked. Press through your forearms and lift your hips up and back, creating an inverted V shape, head now between your shoulders. Take a pause, then repeat. Goal: one minute.

Plank Tap

Adding in a shoulder tap to your typical plank increases the core strength needed for stability. Starting in a high plank position with your core and glutes engaged, tap your right hand to your left shoulder, making sure your glutes and hips do not sway. Then, take your left hand to your right shoulder. Alternate sides for one minute.

Boat Pose

There’s no greater core hold than the boat pose. Sitting straight up with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor, slowly lift your legs to form a 45-degree angle from your torso. Balancing on your tailbone, raise your arms parallel to the floor. Hold this pose for one minute. Ahh, it burns so good, right?!

Working from home should feel good both mentally and physically. Make sure to incorporate these five easy core workouts that will save your back while working from home into your daily routine Looking for a little more fitness inspiration? Make your way to our other blog posts.


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