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One yellow and one blue kayak float along the Silver River surrounded by trees and bathed in morning sunlight.

Visit Scenic Parks in Sarasota, FL

The busy lifestyle and urban setting can sometimes be overwhelming for our mental health and happiness. Subsequently, most people seek to get out of town for a short getaway in the quiet and calm of nature.

Luckily, The Loop at 2800 is close to several nature parks that are perfect for walks, hiking, biking, and team-building activities. Here's a list of great nature parks near our apartments in Sarasota you can easily access when living in the area.

Ted Sperling Nature Park and Mangrove Tunnels

Ted Sperling Park is located at Benjamin Franklin Drive at the southern tip of Lido Key. The park sits on 100 acres of land, allowing visitors to enjoy Florida beaches. The park has access to four water bodies, including the Gulf of Mexico, Big Pass, Brushy Bayou, and Sarasota Bay. You'll get to enjoy kayaking as guides help you navigate the breathtaking mangrove tunnels. The park has diverse life, including jellyfish, dolphins, sea stars, and stalker-ducks.

Charles Hegener Memorial Nature Walk

This is a small but quiet nature preserve located on Bay Shore Road in Sarasota. It has a beautiful trail that leads to a small shore where you can swim or take a boat ride. Charles Hegener's memorial walk is suitable for residents looking to catch a quick break after a busy day at work. The trail leading to the waterway has vegetation that brings a calming effect.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens has a wide variety of flora, making it an ideal park to connect with native nature, air plants, and regional history. The 15-acre botanical garden is at the shore of Sarasota Bay, offering an opportunity to relax amidst breathtaking botany.

You'll get to sample a fantastic collection of plants, including orchids, bonsai, bamboo, and Asian gardens. What's more, there's a gift shop and various forms of art showcased throughout the park.

The proximity of our Sarasota apartments to several parks complements mental health, a vibrant community, and high-quality life. To experience more of Sarasota’s culture and art, check out some local art exhibits. To learn more about our Sarasota apartments, contact us. We’d love to take you on a tour of our welcoming community.