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Cat sleeping on a scratching post



Let’s face it: most cat furniture is just plain ugly. For those who don’t want to spoil all the hard work that went into their interior design – or even those who just want a step up from the usual cat furniture – here are a few ideas for chic furniture for your feline friend.

Esperanza Designer Round/Oval Elevated

This cat bed is both super cute and very classy. It’s elevated, which provides your cat the feeling of being tucked away in their own little nook. The hand-woven banana leaf exterior is sophisticated and natural, easy to fit with lots of different décor styles. It also comes with a soft cotton cushion that will keep your cat cozy and comfortable.

51-Inch Freetown Cat Tree

If you cringe when you think of cat trees, you’re not alone. They tend to be more about function than about style – until now. This cat tree is made from manufactured wood and features cushions, carpeted areas, “cat condos,” and a bed. And just as importantly, it looks clean, classy, and stylish. The pillars are wrapped with sisal, a natural product that is incredibly durable and will keep your cat’s paws distracted from doing damage to the furniture. It’s got multiple levels for your cat to climb and explore, nooks and crannies in which to curl up for a nap, and plenty of areas for play.

Frisco Cat Scratcher & Lounge Modcurve with Catnip

This cat scratcher is a 3-in-1 winner when it comes to functionality and style. It’s a scratching post, a lounging area, and a piece of modern art. It goes with lots of décor styles, from modern to midcentury, and will blend right in to the room, rather than standing out as an eyesore, as many scratching posts do. You’d never know it just by looking, but it’s made from dense, corrugated, recycled cardboard, making this an eco-friendly option. Like all scratching posts, it will wear out, eventually, however this one has two sides, which means you can flip it over when one side gets worn down. And yes, when it’s no longer usable, you can recycle it again!

And if you want to hide that unsightly litter box, try  his modern, sophisticated litter cabinet.

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