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bags of flavored popcorn on a tray | Pompano Beach treat shops

Find Delicious Treats and Snacks at These Shops Near Pompano Beach

Shop for Snacks and Treats at These Shops Near Pompano Beach

Whether you're looking for a chocolate shop to satisfy your sweet-tooth craving or a popcorn shop for a crunchy treat, plenty of options exist near our Luzano community. When you need to stock up on snacks, stop at one of these locations near our Pompano Beach apartments

Popalicious Popcorn

Popalicious Popcorn offers many unique treats. You won't just find bags of regular popcorn here. Instead, you'll get to choose between a full popcorn cake, some popcorn pops, or popcorn bars. The stuffed bars and cakes layered with candy offer sweet and salty treats that are well worth the sticky fingers. You can even ask for a customized cake that includes all your favorite candy pieces or snacks, like pretzels. 

Ingrid's Tasty Treats

Ingrid's Tasty Treats is a home-based service in Pompano Beach. Explore her shop to discover a delicious collection of cakes, cookies, candy, and other indulgent desserts. Every order is custom-made so you get precisely what you're after. 

Candy City

Close by in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find Candy City. Get your ice cream and iced drinks filled with candy pieces, or choose a package of candy to take on the go. They serve a variety of both sugar and sugar-free options to ensure there's something for everyone. Lollipops are a huge hit here since they come in numerous sizes. 

There are many unique shops and options for entertainment near our apartments in Pompano Beach, FL. Contact us to inquire about Luzano and how you can join the community.


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