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A gray cat lies on a shelf next to a houseplant with pink flowers.



If you’re a parent of both pets and plants, it’s important to be certain your plants are not harmful to your pets. It’s a little easier with dogs, as even if a plant is toxic, you can usually just place the plant somewhere higher that’s out of their reach. However, cats are both curious and nimble, and they will manage to get to just about anywhere if they’re motivated enough. So if you want to play it safe, these three plants are beautiful and won’t harm your fur babies if they decide to eat a little salad.

Spider Plant

There’s a reason the trailing spider plant is so popular. It’s pretty and also pretty hard to kill – win-win! In addition, it’s non-toxic for cats or dogs and will self-propogate, creating little baby spider plants that you can transplant into a new pot in order to grow your plant family. It will grow best in bright, indirect sunlight and like to be watered every one to two weeks.

Prayer Plant

Prayer plants have pretty, red-veined leaves that move up into a “prayer” position at night, then lower during the day. These tropicals like medium to bright indirect light and only need to be watered every one to two weeks.

Parlor Palm

Another good option is the parlor palm. This small palm tree can be a good fit if you want something with a bit of height and fullness but can’t risk a trendy monstera or fiddle leaf fig, which are toxic for cats and dogs. Parlor palms are low maintenance, preferring medium to bright indirect light and watering every one to two weeks.

You and your pets can enjoy the beauty these plants bring to your home. For more lifestyle recommendations, take a look at Luzano’s other blog posts.


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