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A black cat lies upside on a sofa



Let’s face it. Black cats get a bad rap. They’re often referred to as an omen of bad luck if you spot one. And they’re often associated with Halloween and spooky creatures. Oct. 27 is National Black Cat Day, and we’re here to prove to you why these gorgeous animals deserve so much more than that unearned spooky reputation. Here are seven reasons you should consider adopting a black cat.

They Come From Many Breeds

Black cats are not breed-specific. They can come from many breeds! There are as many as 22 recognized breeds of cat that may be born with a solid, black coat of fur.

They Are Less Likely To Be Adopted

This statistic is sad but true, and it’s why you should adopt a black cat. Because of their negative association dating back to the 13th century, these cats are about two-thirds less likely to be adopted than white cats, and about 50 percent less likely to be adopted than tabby cats.

Their Eyes Are Mesmerizing

Because their fur is so dark and shiny, it brings some well-deserved attention to their eyes, which are a bright greenish-gold color, due to their higher melanin content.

Black Fur Blends In

OK, maybe this won’t be true if you have an all-white house and wardrobe. But cats shed, and if your cat is black, it’s more likely the fur won’t stand out as much on your darker furniture.

They Might Bring You Good Luck

As the old-wives tale insinuates that black cats bring bad luck, it has also been argued that the opposite actually holds true. In some parts of the world, like Scotland, Britain, and Japan, seeing a black cat is a good sign that you've got fortune and prosperity heading your way.

You Can Help Reverse the Black Cat Stigma

The more people that adopt and love on black cats, the more the black cat “stigma” can work to be eliminated.

Their Survivalism Runs Deep

There is a good reason for the darker coat of a black cat. Black cats are able to camouflage better at night to avoid predators, and they also happen to be more disease-resistant than other cats.

Celebrate the upcoming National Black Cat Day on Oct. 27 by adopting your own precious black feline. For all things home and pets, visit the Oceanside Lantana blog.


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