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A hiking trail with wood fences surrounded by tall trees

Nature Preserves and Hiking Trails in Lantana

Discover Scenic Hiking Trails in Lantana

Make the most of Florida's beautiful weather by heading outside for a scenic walk along a nature trail. There are several nature preserves and hiking trails near our apartments in Lantana. Put on your hiking shoes and embark on a fun outdoor adventure at these local hotspots: 

Lantana Nature Preserve

Lantana Nature Preserve is one of the best places near our apartments in Lantana to go hiking or birdwatching. With so much to see, it’s also a great place to practice your photography skills. This park is open seven days a week, from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm every day. Take pictures of the scenery, or relax on a park bench to enjoy the views. Lantana Nature Preserve sits extremely close to the ocean as well, so after your hike, you can cool off in the water.

High Ridge Scrub

Formerly a sand dune, High Ridge Scrub is an area full of sandy trails to hike on. There are two main trails in this area, the Silkgrass Trail and Gulf Fritillary, where you can observe protected species. The most popular animal in High Ridge Scrub is the Gopher Tortoise, but you may also catch a glimpse of the yellow garden spider, cicada, gulf fritillary butterfly, and the American kestrel. Seeing any of the unique animals, insects, and plants scattering around High Ridge Scrub definitely makes the hike worth it.

Lantana Bicentennial Park

Lantana Bicentennial Park is a staple of the Lantana area. It's beautiful and full of picnic areas for you and your friends to enjoy. You can also go fishing by the seawall and pier at the park if you'd rather enjoy views of the water. 

After your hike, refuel with a meal at a pizza place in Lantana for dinner. If you'd love to live near some great spots for outdoor fun, then contact us at Oceanside Lantana. Ask about our amenities, floor plans, and how to schedule a tour.